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Come and join us at our facility on almost any Friday, Saturday or Sunday from March through November for our 6 hour BBQ and Grilling Class. Be sure to look for our specials on our web site. Home of the Bay Area BBQ and Grilling School - singles welcome!

4 Hour Private Classes are available!

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Pizza Pizza – It’s Our Bay Area Pizza Class

Pizza Class For 1 – $30.00 Each — If you wish to purchase a ticket for 2 you can do that for just $55.00..   just look for the same class for 2 people and save…  It is always better when you bring a friend!!! ..

So now.. onto the more important aspects of the class!!!

We will teach this class three to four times during the full BBQ Season – the schedule varies!!!

Pizzaa Pizza Pizza – Here is a fun class where you can learn how to properly prepare, Grill (gas or charcoal) or smoke some pizza!!!  Yep…  time to grab the beverage of your choice and come down and learn how to fire up some outside – back yard.. must have pizza!!!

During this class we will be using some gas grills, some pellet smokers, a Kamado grill along with a weber.. if the class chooses!!!

For you energetic types… we will teach you how to make your own pizza dough from scratch… for those of you busy people (or lazy ones like me).. we will teach you how to start your great pizza out using frozen dough from such places like Safeway, Winco and Trader Joe’s.

We will also teach you when it is appropriate to use that Pizza Stone Thing that you picked up 3 years ago..

but still sits in the box!!!

Using all of the different types of grilling equipment that are mentioned above.. including the Weber if desired.. the students of this class will use lots of ingredients to make a whole bunch of different pizzas including Margherita Pizzas, BBQ Chicken Pizzas, Pepperoni Pizzas.. plus what ever type you want.

Students in this class are encourage to bring in things that they might like to have on a pizza – but keep in mind that what ever they bring in should be in unopen and sealed packages.  Students will even make some Dessert Pizzas.. now how fun is that……. (don’t forget to bring in a jar of unopened artichoke hearts..!! and some sun dried tomatoes if you like those special things on your pizza)..   One of the reasons for this class is to help you have some fun over the holidays while your relatives and friends are around… it does not all have to be about the Turkey and Ham… when you can have some back yard fun making some Pizzas….. drinking some of those adult beverages.. and watching some football!!

The class will be from 6:30pm to 9:30PM on the scheduled date.  The location will be 751 13th Street – Treasure Island – San Francisco!!!    Like always you are encouraged to bring your own favorite beverages — beer, wine, pop or water.    If you need help signing up call our office at 206-551-6265.

You wanted to have some fun classes over the winter so this is one of the ones that we keep hearing that people wanted…  Are you ready??  Well ready for some Pizza?? Lets Get Signed Up.. Like Now!!!

We do need 12 people to sign up to hold the class.  If less than 12 people sign up the class will not be held!!

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Register for your 6 hour BBQ and Grilling School class here AFTER paying for the class through Groupon, LivingSocial, Travelzoo or

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Check Out Our Specials!

Check Out Our Specials!

4 Hour Private Classes!

Private 4 Hour Classes Are Available. Call for details and pricing.