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Come and join us at our facility on almost any Friday, Saturday or Sunday from March through November for our 6 hour BBQ and Grilling Class. Be sure to look for our specials on our web site. Home of the Bay Area BBQ and Grilling School - singles welcome!

4 Hour Private Classes are available!

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In House Free Lance Surf and Turf

This class is not like our at home Surf and Turf Class it is way more fun and we allow for lots of student participation….  In fact we have had some students who have brought in their own beef, Buffalo and seafood and we helped develop recipes for their items… How Fun..

But at any case ..  each student will be participating in a class where they will get to taste and eat at least two high end steaks, two types of fish and some great side dishes….

THIS IS A GREAT DATE NIGHT ACTIVITY!!!  Be sure to bring you own beer, wine, pop or water.

What makes this class fun is that we allow our instructors to go out and shop for the class right before they teach the class so as to assure that you get fresh fish and fresh steak.  We promise each student that they will be able to taste at least two different types of high end steaks and two types of fish along with some great side dishes.  The instructors are free in this class to discuss with you how you might like to prepare the items that you will be cooking.  We do have a few slides for these classes but they primarily relate to our school and some of our safety issues.  Other than that the teacher is free to work with you and you with him/her on how you might want to prepare your meal.

This is a 4 hour class and if we fill the class up way in advance we might even be able to dry age some of the steaks for the class… but that means that we have to fill up the class in advance and get at least 20 people signed up at least a month in advance….  If we don’t get to dry age the steaks because of class size we will still bring in great and fresh items.

This is a great date night class… and be sure to bring your own beer .. wine .. pop or water.  The class is not like our at home Surf and Turf class as we give the instructors a lot of room to move around in this class and we don’t expect that any class will be the same.

This class will be held at our facility:  BAY AREA BBQ AND GRILLING SCHOOL, 751 13th Street, Treasure Island, San Francisco, Ca.  94130

Be sure to remember to bring some take home containers.

Be sure to remember to bring your own beer, wine pop or water.

If you have any questions please call the school at 206-551-6265


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Check Out Our Specials!

Check Out Our Specials!

4 Hour Private Classes!

Private 4 Hour Classes Are Available. Call for details and pricing.